Company Info


Company Info

Company Name Spectrum Technology Company
Services & Products Wi-Fi and M2M site surveys, planning, troubleshooting, and spectrum analysis.
TEL. 81-4-2990-8881
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Founder and CEO Masahiko Murakami FB-f-Logo__blue_29
Office 1-16-1308, Miyuki-cho, Tokorozawa-city, Saitama-Prefecture, Japan
Postal code: 359-115
Founded 4th July,2014
Capital 15 million Yen
Fiscal year From January to December

Our mission

 Founded in 2014, Spectrum Technology’s mission is to visualize radio spectrum and contribute comfortable people’s life. We help to improve quality of Wi-Fi, especially interference and speed. And also prevent from cracking.


Code of conducts

We provide services for customer’s first.

We keep a promise and contribute all of our abilities for customer.

We create the future and always improve the present.

Masahiko Murakami


Company Introdcution



10 minutes on foot from Tokorozawa station